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Are you looking to rent a lift chair for yourself or one of your family members?  We can help!  We rent lift chairs in Arizona and California. We can rent you a lift chair or recliner chair for a day, for a week, for a month, or however long you would like to rent it! 

We deliver to your homes, business, or even to hotels! Our lift chair rental comes apart in 2 sections so it is easy to transport and makes it easier to get the lift chair through your doorways at home.  Some companies use solid lift chairs that when delivered can tear up your door or doorways as they try to manuver the lift chair rental at an angle through the door. 

We do have different lift chair rental models according to height and weight. Don't get caught renting from a company who uses fabric.  Fabric is not easy to disisinfect.  We use vinyl upholstry lift chairs that look just like leather. We use a hospital grade cleaner and disinfect every time a lift chair comes in and every time a lift chair goes out for rental. That can not easily be done on a fabric lift chair rental! 

We rent lift chairs that are 3-Position. Why except anything less such as a 2-Position lift chair!  The following are the difference between 2 and 3-position lift chaur rentals. 

2-Position lift chairs have 2 positions:
  1. At Rest Or Sittiing
  2. Fully Extended
3-Position lift chairs have 3 positions
  1. At Rest Or Sitting
  2. Fully Extended
  3. Reclined (Up To 150 Degrees)

Lift Chair Rental

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