Q & A

Questions & Answers:
Can I extend my lift chair rental? Yes!  Just give us a call any day before the day of your pickup.  The sooner we know the better in case we currently have a reservation for the lift chair you are renting. We can extend the rental as long as you like.  If you call at the last minute though, we may ask you to forgo the rental for 1-3 days if we already have a lift chair rental lined up for another client and we are out of stock.  This has never happened to us but in case that it did we would be glad to order in a new lift chair for you which would arrive in 1-3 days, pending manufacturer stock.  
Can I buy a lift chair from One Stop Mobility?  Yes! You most certainly can.  See the section of our website called 'Bjshgdjhsbdfhbg' We sell lift chairs from the 2 biggest lift chair companies in the United States - Pride Mobility & Golden Technologies.  The company we recommed most is Pride Mobility.  They have a good warranty and the parts are easier to install.  Pride Mobility also has warehouses across the US so you aan get your parts easy.
Can I buy the used lift rental I have currently? Yes! You can buy the lift chair rental you are currently using. The cost of a new Pride Lift Chair that we rent is $1,200.  We apply the cost of your rental towards the purchase of the used lift chair.  We also may discount more based upon the condition of the lift chair.  
What if I damage the lift chair rental?  The person who has rented the equipment is fully repsonsible for the repair, parts, service charges, and labor of any damaged lift chair rental unit. We do, however, offer lift chair rental damage insurance.  To find out more about this please see the next question entitled 'Can I Buy Insurance.' Lift chairs are mechanical so they can be damaged.  We highly recommend buying insurance to protect yourself from any damage claims. Damages can range from $85-$1,200 depending on the sverity of the damage.  
Can I buy insurance? Yes! You may buy insurance.  Our insurance covers the lift chair rental equipment, however, it does not cover the user or any person or animal.  The insurance strictly covers any scratches, tears, frame damage or motor damage. It also covers the service call in case we need to supply you with a new rental which is normally $85.  The lift chair damage insurance does not cover misues or neglect which is to be determined by a One Stop Mobility, Inc. representative. 
What if I need to cancel last minute?  There are no refunds provided if the rental has already been delivered.  There are also no cancellations if not cancelled within 48 hours of delivery. If the rental has not been delivered and there is a minimim of 48 hours notice we will refund you everything minus a $25 cancellation charge.  If you plan on rebooking in 1-4 weeks and we do not have to supply a refund we will not charge a cancellation fee. 

If you have more questions please feel free to call (888) 493-0509